Automatic Powder Fire Extinguishers

SFFECO Automatic Dry Powder Extinguishing Installation Type PD-Matic is a newly developed design, where in the Dry Powder is automatically ejected through the sprinkler head, after release of the thermo safety device on reaching a temperature of 68°C.

Suitable for Class A, B, C and Electrical Fires.

Model Capacity Discharge Duration Working Pressure
PD4.5 MATIC 4.5 Kg 10-12 Sec 12-15 bar
PD6 MATIC 6 Kg 14-16 Sec 12-15 bar
PD10 MATIC 10 Kg 16-18 Sec 12-15 bar
PD12 MATIC 12 Kg 18-22 Sec 12-15 bar
PD15 MATIC 15 Kg 22-26 Sec 12-15 bar
PD20 MATIC 20 Kg 26-31 Sec 12-15 bar
PD25 MATIC 25 Kg 30-35 Sec 12-15 bar
PD30 MATIC 30 Kg 35-40 Sec 12-15      ar