Portable Foam Fire Extinguishers

SFFECO Portable Foam Fire Extinguishers are characterized for their quick fire suppression and extinguishing capabilities, especially oil, petrol and other liquid fire.

It works by covering a burning flammable liquid with a blanket of foam, cutting off the fire’s air supply and preventing the release of flammable vapours.
Portable foam extinguishers are generally used as first attack fire fighting units which are suitable for calss A and B fires.

Suitable for Class A and B Fires.

Model FX6 FX100 FXC100
Capacity 6 L 10 L 10 L
Effective Range 5-6 m 5-6 m 5-6 m
Discharge Duration 25-30 Sec 50-60 Sec 50-60 Sec
Working Pressure 12-15 bar 12-15 bar 12-15 bar

Portable Foam Fire Extinguishers

SFFECO Foam extinguishers are multi-purpose, ideal for fires involving volatile liquids and freely burning materials such as paper, cloth, wood and furniture.
Suitable for Class A and Class B fire risk.Ideal to use Petrol Stations, Restaurants, etc.
Note: Foam extinguishers are not suitable for fires involving electrical risk.

Model FX6 FX9
Capacity 6 L 9 L
Fire Rating 21A 144B 21A 283B
Working Pressure 14 Bar 14 Bar
Test Pressure 30 Bar 30 Bar